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Samsung N310 Netbook

{ Posted on Oct 23 2009 by admin }
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Wow !Samsung is very new into netbook market, but their first netbook Samsung Net310 looks very good and stylish. Is powered by Intel's  ATOM N270 processor at 1.60GHz, 1 Gigabyte or memory and Windows XP home edition. Read More »

Planning A Network

{ Posted on Oct 21 2009 by admin }
To setup a network, we need a network plan. The first step in network planning is to know or to access the business needs. For example: The size of the organization The potential growth of the organization in the future such as ...Read More »

How To Buy Computer

{ Posted on Oct 11 2009 by admin }
If we want to buying computer, we need to investigate many features such as RAM,processor, speed, graphics, hard disk space and so on. Before buy make sure to investigate the related web site. Choose a special store for computer such as ...Read More »

Basic Troubleshoot Rules

{ Posted on Oct 08 2009 by admin }
Dont be panic when  your PC breakdown. I will teach you some of rules that will be guaraneed to save your time, reduced your panic and also can save your money. Fuhh!  Be Safe With Your Self.   As you know computer ...Read More »

Networking Computer

{ Posted on Oct 06 2009 by admin }
Computer networking is two or more computer connected by a cable or wireless to make them communicate with other. We need network because of :- Sharing file Sharing Resources Sharing Programs. Read More »