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Stopping PC Trouble Before It Starts.

{ Posted on Feb 02 2010 by admin }
Make a preventative maintenance before  its start trouble. For keep our computer running smoothly and save several money here i share with you some useful maintenance task. 1. Hard Disk Maintenance. You can check your hard disk error use the Windows XP ...Read More »

How To Buy Computer

{ Posted on Oct 11 2009 by admin }
If we want to buying computer, we need to investigate many features such as RAM,processor, speed, graphics, hard disk space and so on. Before buy make sure to investigate the related web site. Choose a special store for computer such as ...Read More »

Basic Troubleshoot Rules

{ Posted on Oct 08 2009 by admin }
Dont be panic when  your PC breakdown. I will teach you some of rules that will be guaraneed to save your time, reduced your panic and also can save your money. Fuhh!  Be Safe With Your Self.   As you know computer ...Read More »